I am Leanne Peterson and I am so glad you are here!


This is where therapy, meets coaching, meets soul. I offer intuitive guidance to help change your trajectory and propel you forward on your path. After working with hundreds of people I began to see a trend. There are aspects of our lives that we could all stand to upgrade. So if you are feeling stuck, anxious, depressed, like you are not where you thought you would be in life or want to be in life you are in the right place. Find clarity and balance.

After years of in-office therapy work, COVID allowed me to change directions and offer something new. Clients have shared that they never want to go back to therapy in the office and I couldn't agree more! There is something powerful about getting outside and moving as we are processing. It helps shift our energy and brings our entire being into the work.


Body, mind, and soul


The world is changing and the way we do business needs to evolve. Although COVID has been a setback for many of us, it can be an opportunity to check-in and see what is working, what is serving you, and what brings you fulfillment. If what you are creating is out of alignment with the life you want to live this is an opportunity for you to shift gears and create something sustainable, successful, AND deeply fulfilling. I am here to help you unlock a new level of alignment in your professional life. 

Therapy + Coaching + Soul

It's not about finding the answer. It's about hearing the answer within.

Phone, Video, and Walk and Talk Sessions

Hermann Park, Houston TX