Meet Leanne

Hi y'all! If you are new to me, welcome! If you have been here before you will see that I am offering something new. And I am so excited about it!

Let me back up. I practiced as a therapist for over ten years. When I began grad school to become a therapist I made a commitment to do my own therapy as well. I truly believe we can only take people as far as we ourselves have gone, and I wanted to be able to go deeper in my work with others by going deeper into the work with myself.

I have been supported through therapy, coaching, yoga therapy, and energy work, and have had very impactful experiences at workshops and retreats with well known leaders.

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13 years later, I can attest to the value of doing my own work weekly, and I still make it a priority in my life. I used to think therapy was about solving a specific problem, but now I understand that we are constantly learning, growing, and changing. There are always new edges and things to discover. And I have found it so impactful to have continued places and spaces to process all of that and guide me into alignment as I evolve.

I believe all the work I have done personally has made me a better therapist. AND it has also made me a better partner, mother, friend, and business leader. Which is why I want to share more of my process with you.

So now I want to take my offer deeper and introduce you to what I do and what I have incorporated into my own life while holding the space for you to do the work.


I am also collaborating with other amazing providers to help you bring alignment in more areas of your life. I now have a team with a yoga therapist, couples coach, and a nutrition and wellness coach.


I invite you to experience something different, a different container for the work that we do that just might open the doors for a little bit more magic to work through your life.

Learn more about how to work with me here.


Meet Carolina

Hi, I’m Carolina. I’m an entrepreneur, yoga teacher, Ayurveda enthusiast, and mama to two boys (humans) and a girl (cockapoo).

I fell in love with yoga many years ago when I was juggling a stressful corporate job, an MBA program at Georgetown University, and all of the messy emotions of being a single gal in my 20s. I loved it so much, in fact, that I quit that job and opened up my own yoga studio in Houston, TX – Yogaleena.

After an incredible 6 years, I felt deep down in my heart it was time to move on, to take the next step in my journey and evolve my offering. 


During my years leading yoga classes, trainings, and retreats, I realized the incredible power of the practice to open us up to deeper work. With the studio class model, however, I missed out on the chance to take people further with the work .


I’m thrilled to be collaborating with Leanne to co-create The Soul Connect Mentorship, where I’ll be leading yoga, pranayama, and Ayurvedic practices. I pull from my experience in the corporate world, entrepreneurship, and the balancing act of marriage and motherhood to support each client on their unique path to a soul-centered life filled with joy, ease, and magic.