Books/Resources I Recommend

Upgrade your Romantic Relationships

ACT with Love

The Five Love Languages

Women, Upgrade your career

Playing Big


Dave Ramsey

How to build momentum for a new project/business/idea

Article: Why Successful People Take 10 Years to 'Succeed Overnight'

Parenting Course

Positive Parenting Solutions

Mindful Parenting

Hands Free Mama

Seed & Sew - Website

Big Little Feelings - Website

Upgrade your relationship with alcohol

The Naked Mind

Family Member with Substance Use

Watch Video


Podcasts I love

I believe that the single best thing you can do today to start upgrading your life is to start listening to podcasts. It is a great way to expand your thinking and learn something new. I switched out the radio in my car to a podcast and listen to podcast on walks and while cooking dinner or picking up the house. You can find me listening to these podcasts.

For Everyone

Oprah Super Soul


The Secret to Victory



Where Should we Begin

For Entrepreneurs

How I Built This

Masters of Scale

Goal Digger

Uncomplicate Your Business