Make your fall a season of transformation

Beginning September, 2019

Do any of these sound familiar?


  • You are scared of taking bold steps towards your dream life

  • You feel unsupported in your relationships

  • You feel like you are taking care of everyone else but no one is taking care of you

  • Your goals are on the back burner because you’re unsure of how to get from where you are to where you want to be

  • You feel stuck

  • You are overwhelmed


You are not alone!


We understand how you feel. We've been there.


The Align program is designed to help you get past the physical, mental, and emotional blocks that are keeping you from the joyful life you deserve. By making intentional shifts in the areas of your life that aren't working, you will get clear on what you truly want and gain insight on how to get there.


Transformation isn’t just about drinking green juice or reading self help books.


Transformation starts with creating space in your life to acknowledge what is and isn’t working for you, and making small shifts to create momentum in the direction you want to go.

It is time to:


  • Break free from fear

  • Feel calm and peaceful in your life

  • Engage more effectively in your relationships

  • Learn to take care of yourself and make it a priority

  • Tap into your intuition

  • Let go of what isn't serving you

  • Gain insight into your personality type and learn to leverage your strength/manage your triggers

What's Included:

The Align course includes four amazing workshops.

You can attend in person or view them online.


Our physical environment can dramatically influence how we are feeling. The spaces we move through in our lives should be fueling us with inspiration, creativity, and energy, not dragging us down. Join Ashley Barber of Simply Maven, a certified KonMari Consultant for an enlightening workshop on the best methods for decluttering your home, organizing your belongings, and ultimately surrounding yourself with what brings you joy.  


Ashley has been featured on Houston Life, in the Houston Chronicle, and Voyage Houston. Find additional information abut Ashley and her services at


  • Learn how to effectively declutter your space

  • Get clear on what's working or not working in your home

  • Finally feel how you want when you walk in the door


A $125 Value


Taking care of our own health and wellness is the first step towards achieving joy and fulfillment in life - you are your dream's most important asset!  

In this workshop, we will explore the 5 pillars of self-care:  physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and professional, and offer the tools you need to incorporate self-care into your daily life. The best part? We'll put some of this "theory" into practice together! The workshop will conclude with thirty minutes of meditation/savasana accompanied by a crystal bowl sound bath and a mini-massage with relaxing essential oils.


  • Assess how well or not you are currently practicing self-care

  • Understand the 5 pillars of self-care and how they impact your ability to feel vibrant, energized, empowered, and productive

  • Learn different ways to incorporate self-care into your day 

  • Experience our favorite self-care ritual: meditation with crystal bowls and aromatherapy mini-massage

A $125 Value

Believe it or not, we all have that sixth sense of intuition. However, with all the noise within and around us, it is often a challenge to decipher what our wise inner voice is saying over what our fears/beliefs/anxieties are screaming at us. Developing your intuition is a practice, one that starts with slowing down, quieting the mind, and paying attention.


This workshop will help you create space and clarity in your mind so you can finally access the intuitive wisdom you already possess. Through guided meditation, intuitive journaling, and insightful group discussion, you'll be able to tap in to the answers you've been looking for in the wrong places...and find them within yourself. 

  • Tune into your intuition with the help of experienced guides

  • Learn to discern your inner voice from external noise/opinions/expectations

  • Get clear on questions you've been circling around in your mind by listening to your heart


A $125 Value

The clearer we are on who we are and what we need, the better we can communicate with others and make choices for ourselves that lead us towards joy. In this workshop, Brooke Summers-Perry will bring her expertise in the Enneagram system to help you identify your personality type and better understand the underlying needs, desires, motivations, and worldview that drive your patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting.


Brooke is a mom, teacher, artist, spiritual director, and the Board of Compassionate Houston's VP of Programs. She integrates a variety of growth, transformation, and creative modalities to offer workshops that are accessible yet impactful. She has been working with the Enneagram system for many years and has seen first-hand how powerful it is to truly understand and embrace your personality type. 


  • Identify your personality type within the Enneagram system

  • Learn how to leverage your strengths and manage areas of your personality that create conflict in your life

  • Understand what drives your reactions and learn tools to manage those triggers

A $125 Value


Align Bonuses

Yoga is wonderful way to connect with your physical body, shake up stale energy, and bring stillness to the mind. 

Get two months of unlimited yoga at Yogaleena

A $178 Value!

The ocean tide is controlled by the cycle of the moon, and so are we! Each new moon and full moon carries a different energy and is a portal for transformation. We will be offering two new moon and two full moon restorative yoga classes with live music open only to course participants.

A $140 Value!

Are tired of dealing with:

  • fatigue,

  • digestive distress,

  • mood swings,

  • excess weight,

  • chronic aches & pains

  • cycle irregularities,

  • hormonal imbalances,

  • mind fog

  • poor sleep

Then you need to be here.

A $50 Value!

Meet Your Guides

Leanne Peterson

Therapist & Life Coach



Leanne works with clients to help them tune into their own inner wisdom, get unstuck, and find their best path forward. As a therapist and life coach she works individually with clients, holds group workshops centered on helping people tune in, and hosts a weekly podcast.

Carolina  Valle

Yoga Teacher & Studio Owner



Carolina is the founder and owner of Yogaleena Studio, a boutique yoga studio in the heart of Houston offering a variety of group classes and workshops to help students release tension, calm their minds, and live more joyfully. Carolina discovered yoga in 2008 while working full time at ExxonMobil and pursuing her MBA at Georgetown University. The practice radically decreased her stress levels and offered her the mental space and clarity to figure out what she really wanted to do with her life. Yogaleena Studio opened January, 2016 and has grown into a vibrant community of students looking for balance and personal growth. 


Carolina is a registered yoga teacher with over 1,000 hours of teaching experience. She has led two 200-hr Yoga Teacher Trainings, multiple workshops and retreats, and continues to lead the Yogaleena team in daily operations and future dreams.

Ashley Barber

KonMari Consultant

Simply Maven founder, Ashley Barber, is Houston’s first certified KonMari Consultant. To transform her clients’ stressful spaces into happy havens, she combines her knack for organizing with 10 years experience as a fitness instructor, a degree in philosophy, an eye for good design, and a passion for physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.

Ashley lives for life’s “aha!” moments and gets the most satisfaction out of helping clients release what is holding them back. She guides her clients —from busy moms to professionals – along their own personal path to creating simplicity in their homes, so they are free to focus their energy on their curiosities and passions. She is an organizing coach with a mission to teach others the best ways to let go of their stuff, organize their homes, and create their best lives.

Erin Thole

Certified Natural Healthcare Practitioner


Erin is certified in Nutrition through Northwestern Health Science University. She earned her Certified Natural Healthcare Practitioner Certificate through Trinity School of Natural Health. She has taken extensive continued education courses in the areas of digestive health, autoimmune conditions, Celiac and gluten intolerance and female hormonal balance. She has been working in the health and nutrition field since 2008 specializing and working extensively with those suffering from: autoimmune, digestive, hormonal and inflammatory disorders. She currently practices as a location independent practitioner out of Houston, Texas with a Pastoral Medical Association License.

Brooke Summers-Perry

Enneagram Specialist


Brooke is a mom, teacher, artist, spiritual director, and the Board of Compassionate Houston’s VP of Programs. She integrates a variety of growth, transformation, and creative modalities to offer practices that are accessible, impactful, and life changing for individuals, students, teachers, parents, and groups in all stages of life, Her practices and curated conversations cultivate compassion, connection, meaning, and awareness. The simplicity of the practices allows for immediate application in daily life, in every setting, role, and relationship.

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