We all know what it means to be self-centered. But what would it be like to live a life centered in our soul? To see and understand life on a deeper, more rooted level. To detach from what we think we want and allow ourselves to receive what we need. To go beyond our perceived limits and release old blockages. 


Do you know that blockbusters turned up a chance to buy Netflix because they didn’t think they needed it? Crazy to think about now! But at the time they couldn’t see what was coming. We are in an unprecedented time and the changes ahead are unknown. It is an opportunity and an invitation for all of us to step outside the map that has been handed to us by others and connect with the intuitive guidance system we all have within. 


Soul|Connect retreats are designed to help you go deeper.

Rehab for the soul 


Finding peace in a world full of noise

Silence in the midst of chatter

Calm in the face of chaos 


Come back to your source. Yourself and nature to reclaim your own internal wisdom and guidance and the power of the divine feminine. 


An invitation back you. 

Hi Leanne,

I just wanted to write and let you know how powerfully transformative your workshop was for me!  I was unsure about how much a 3 hour workshop could "unstick" me from my place of the business and personal "blahs".  Well, let me tell you that I haven't felt this energized in a very long time!  In one evening your very personalized, well-crafted, and deeply moving set of experiences has awakened a "Phoenix" within me and has set me on fire for creating the next phase of not only my business, but my personal passion as well.  Many thanks for helping me set my course toward inspiration and action!!! 


Erin Whitney, MA, LPC-S

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