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Hi! I am Leanne Peterson. After providing therapy for ten years, I have partnered with my best friend and former owner of Yogaleena Yoga Studio, Carolina, to co-create Soul Connect. Together, we integrate mind, body, and spiritual practices to get you from feeling stuck to clear and confident on your path forward.

Between Carolina and I, we had to manage two husbands, five kids, and two successful businesses during a global pandemic. We very quickly realized that “doing it all” the traditional way was exhausting, and definitely not sustainable if we wanted to show up for our families and lives fully.

We both knew we wanted something different. Heck, we needed something different!

So we did the work that forms the very foundation of Soul Connect.

We listened to what our stressed out bodies were telling us: we needed more space, flexibility, and support.


We listened to what our hearts were telling us: we wanted to work together and create something new.

We listened to what our souls were telling us: we wanted to redesign the coaching/therapy/self help game. 

So, we decided to let go of what was and create something more aligned with where we are and with what we’re being called to offer.


We invite you to do the same...

We are here to support you as you navigate the waters of parenthood, career, marriage, family, and life from a space of intuition, energetic alignment, and Divine wisdom. We want to guide you in carving your path forward by honoring who you are, where you are, and aligning with the well-being of your entire family.



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