Hi! I am Leanne, and I am someone who really enjoys her life. But not because life is easy. I have three kids under five! I go through the same ups and downs as everyone else. I remember hating being single and feeling like I would never meet the right person. 


But through it all I have been, and still am, committed to doing the work. And what I have found is that that commitment has made all the difference. 


When I tune in, surrender my will, and am willing to accept direction (or redirection!) from the Universe/God I am taken to places that I could not have imagined. 


By asking for support from others and prioritizing getting that support I am allowing ease to come into my experience. 


I imagine that you are here because you could use some support. Some inspiration. Some direction. A new perspective. 

My entire practice has been designed to offer support and I invite you to see what level of support feels best for you. 


I have been a therapist for over nine years and over that time I have worked to offer more support and more of what seems to be needed.