Education & Accreditation

BA in Psychology, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

MSW from Smith College of Social Work, Northampton, MA

Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Texas

Professional Experience

Private Practice Therapist and Life Coach helping people find peace in the midst of difficult life situations and transitions

Crisis Clinician helping children and families stabilize in times of crisis

Mental Health Training:

  • Completed Maternal Mental Health Certificate Training

  • EMDR Certified (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

  • Certified Hypnotherapist


Yoga Training:

  • Yoga Therapy Teacher Training from Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

  • Yoga Therapy Training Level 1 from Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

  • Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 from Blooma

Mindfulness Training:
Gabrielle Bernstein's Spirit Junkie Masterclass

Meet Leanne

Hi, I am Leanne! I have loved connecting with people since I was little and knew that I wanted to be a therapist from the time I was young. I love talking to people and helping them get to the root of the issue and discover how to shift their lives. I have come to realize that the root of many of our issues is misaligned energy - an energy that I intuitively understand.


Inspired from feeling my clients' energy and infusing them with new energy, I was led to incorporating energy into my sessions to help you understand not only what is happening in your life but WHY. Once we have those pieces you can begin to shift. 


I love working with clients because I get to see amazing people live up to their full potential. Whether you have been hurt from past relationships, are feeling anxious, depressed or stuck, I would love to help you. I know life can feel isolating and that some things feel like they will never change, but I have seen amazing turnarounds. Don't let one out ruin your whole game.  You have a powerful, amazing life to live. So let's get to it! I invite you to use your setback as a chance to upgrade your life.

In working with me, you'll find that I am committed to improving and strengthening my own energy to ensure that anyone I meet is supercharged with goodness!