The other day I was outside after a boat ride with my family. We had everything laying out. Food, towels, drinks. A lot of my family members were inside, but I was outside on the beach, and heard the thunder right when it started. I immediately thought we should pick everything up and move it inside, but it was sunny except for one grey patch to the right of us, and as I looked to those around me, they seemed relaxed and said that they didn’t think it would rain. I was not convinced and started to pick everything up. I had my dad move the boat under the cover. I got everything set and then came up to get my dinner. 


Shortly after we came inside a huge rainstorm started, and sure enough, everything left out got soaked. But because we had picked up there was no stress, only relief that we had gotten everything inside before the storm. 


As this was happening, I realized God/the Universe was once again confirming how important it is to learn to listen and embrace what you deep down know to be true. If I had ignored that first rumble of thunder I would have had to pick up in the pouring rain. If I had trusted the sun over the warning I had received I would have felt betrayed by the rain. Instead, I was ready. I knew the rain was coming because I was listening. 


This is why soul connect is so important and why I want to share an offering like this. We can deal with the rain, but what if we can get so good at listening for the thunder, those warning signs that allow us to prepare and reroute, that we don’t have to get soaked?


I want you to learn how to listen, how to hear messages for your life, guidance from God/the Universe that allow you to get in alignment before the crisis, before burnout, before heartbreak. And once you have learned how to listen, I want to hold space for you to do it again and again and again, to trust it over all the other noise that's around. Just like we have to follow our GPS each step of the way for it to work, we also have to follow our internal guidance system each step of the way. An epiphany or revelation is great, but that is often not the destination. We need to stay in connection with our destination by following the path that can only be known by tuning in to our truth.