Soul Connect

A Year of tuning into your soul to access the guidance within

Here’s a sampling of what you get:


January 2022

Weekly in-person yoga on Saturdays @ 9:30 am with Carolina + a weekly virtual class


January 22, 2022

First in-person masterclass 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Alignment Check - where is our life flowing and feeling good and where are we stuck

January/February 2022

Session with Leanne

February 2022

Weekly in-person yoga on Saturdays @ 9 am with Carolina + a weekly virtual class

February 18-20 2022

Boot Ranch Retreat

  • Rehab for the soul - take time out to tune in

  • Get clear on your unique abilities + how to maximize how you spending your time + energy

  • Refill and replenish at this amazing retreat

If you’re convinced that 2022 is the time to turn your vision for your life into reality with your very own support team then welcome aboard!

We’d be honored to guide you on the journey. Let’s get started.

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Special Pricing for Yogaleena Memebers and Leanne's Clients through January 3rd.

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