67 - Moving From Codependence to Empowerment

Welcome to Take the Upgrade! In Episode 67 Leanne and Natalie discuss what’s happening when you get too invested in other people. This is a pretty common pattern that can begin from a place of wanting to help others, to love and be loved.

Remember to keep a dividing line between your job and the other person’s job. Learning how to share kindness, empower others and listen is key. That’s how to counteract the tendency to get too invested in helping others.

Thanks for tuning in!

We’ll be back next week with another dose of soulful guidance!

Leanne is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Houston and she works with clients all over the country. She is committed to helping you find peace in the midst of difficult life situations and transitions. Using powerful insights into health and energy alignment, Leanne helps you create the beautiful life you want!

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