Episode 10: Trust That Things Will Come Together

Welcome to Episode 10 of Take the Upgrade. Your host is therapist and life coach Leanne Peterson. Leanne is a licensed clinical social worker in Texas and she works with clients all over the country. She is committed to helping you find peace in the midst of difficult life situations and transitions. Using powerful insights into health and energy alignment, Leanne helps you create the beautiful life you want!

In today’s episode, the final lesson of level 1, Leanne teaches us to trust that things come together. It may not be the way we planned or the most efficient way, time will show the reason.

It can be so frustrating if our life isn’t how we want it to be and there doesn’t seem to be a way to get from here to there. This is where Leanne teaches the power of surrender. The ability to connect into a bigger will and a bigger way - letting go of disappointment and embracing opportunity.

Leanne encourages us to step into the awareness that there are things you don’t know. Trust that things come together.

We’re so glad you tuned in today. Thank you for joining us! Please reach out to Leanne by emailing her at connect@leannepeterson.com. We’ll be back next week with another dose of soulful guidance!

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