Episode 32: Relationship Red Flags: How to Know What to Look For

Welcome to Take the Upgrade Episode 32! Leanne Peterson is your podcast host and she’s joined by her co-host Natalie Pyles to talk about relationship red flags.

One skill that we can develop as we become more experienced in our relationships is knowing how to spot red flags. A red flag is something that should serve as a warning to you. Usually we think of it as a behavior in the other person, like them being mean to a waiter, but it can also simply be a feeling that you have when you’re with them.

Red flags are your intuition communicating with you. Don’t “shhh” you. Listen in to today’s episode to learn how to spots signs that your prospective interest may be controlling or otherwise “not right” for you. We’ve got some great stories to illustrate how subtle red flags can be!

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We’ll be back next week with another dose of soulful guidance!