Give Yourself the Upgrade

This week, I want to share a lesson I learned recently while attending a family wedding in San Diego. My husband, baby, and I were staying at a nice hotel for a few days but we were surprised that the room we were given was nothing like the pictures we had seen when booking the trip. It was so tiny that the three of us could barely fit inside.

At first, we felt like we should just accept the tiny room, but I started to notice that we were avoiding spending any time there because of how it made us feel. I asked about our options, learned that an upgrade was available, and we said yes. It was a small price difference but made a huge impact on how we felt! The bigger room felt so much more comfortable, and in turn, we all felt lighter and happier. I was glad that, in this case, we could treat ourselves to a little upgrade.

Take The Upgrade

We are surrounded by little opportunities to give ourselves an upgrade. I want to teach you how to consciously elevate your life by elevating your decision making.

  1. Take note of how you feel when you are sitting at work or making dinner or brushing your teeth. Any time it comes to mind, take a moment to focus on how you feel. Do you feel comfortable? Do you feel special? Do you want more? The answers you find will open your eyes to the changes you need to make.

  2. You can experience an elevated journey without the fear of falling short if you learn to manage the disappointments that may come along the way. Disappointment is only painful if we construct a sad story around it. On the other hand, if you re-interpret your disappointment as a short pause before the next blessing coming your way, well, that’s not sad at all!

I’ve noticed we usually believe that the people around us deserve success, but we have a lot more doubt when it comes to ourselves. There is no limit to the number of upgrades in life. An upgrade for your neighbor doesn’t mean fewer upgrades for you. Upgrades are abundant and infinite. We must learn to either raise our expectations or lower our standards. Which one sounds more fun to you?

What you want in life is completely within your reach. You simply need to tune into your consciousness. If you want to work with me one on one to upgrade your life, you know where to find me!

Have a beautiful week! Leanne Peterson