How to Follow Your Intuition

This week we are talking about tapping into your intuition. You know that hard-to-explain knowledge that seems to come from somewhere other than your surroundings? Intuition is that gut instinct you just can't quite describe.

Have you ever wondered why something happened to you? Have you found yourself on a path you never intended to walk down? It's possible your intuition was trying to warn you against these missteps. When you look back, can you see indicators, clues, hints, or red flags that you missed?

When we’re not tuned in to our intuition we’re still growing, but the path to our best self is a bit longer. When you’re fully aligned with yourself, you usually feel inspired and energized even when you’re busy. But, learning to listen to your intuition takes practice and patience.

Manifest Your Intuition

To become more sensitive to your intuition, start paying attention to the signs that are manifesting in your life. For instance, feeling overwhelmed is probably your intuition telling you to slow down, focus inward, and take care of yourself. Once you acknowledge what you need and take the time for that self-care, you are ready to power through.

Feeling overwhelmed is not an indication of failure. Many people are scared to admit they are overwhelmed and are concerned it is a sign of weakness. It's not! It is simply your inner voice sending you a message.

Using Meditation

When looking for ways to manage the feeling of being overwhelmed, meditation may be the biggest key. Begin meditating with intentional presence and a focus on perspective. You may not be able to meditate for a full hour each day, and that’s alright! It can be just as effective to incorporate one-minute meditations throughout your day. I always say, “Take a minute and check in.” Monitor your feelings and listen to your intuition.

If you're like me, you may find yourself thinking longer about which ice cream flavor to have tonight than you do about what you wanted to see yourself accomplish in a day. By prioritizing meditation, we can start to transform our lives with just a few focused minutes at a time. When you are truly present in your choices, you will notice your anxiety levels begin to subside.

Everything you want in life is completely within your reach. You simply need to tune in to your consciousness. If you want to work with me one on one for help tuning in to your own intuition, you know where to find me!

Have a beautiful week! Leanne Peterson

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