Trust That Things Will Come Together

The concept of surrendering is a bit of a paradox. On the surface, it seems like a sign of weakness to turn yourself in, change course, or give up. Temporally speaking, surrender means defeat and subjugation. In truth, surrendering to a higher power is freedom. It’s a power play. Let me explain why.

In my life, I have learned to trust that things will come together. Maybe it won't happen the way I planned (in fact, it rarely does!) or happen in the most efficient way, but time eventually exposes the reason in all things. You know this, too. I know you do! Just think of hindsight in your own life. Some things just take time to make sense.

It can be so frustrating when our life isn’t how we want it to be. It can be maddening when there doesn’t seem to be a path to get from here to there. This is why I teach the power of surrender. It is the ultimate way to connect with the bigger picture and let go of disappointment.

The Power of Surrender

I invite you to step into the awareness that there are things you don’t know and can't know. Your only option is to trust that things will come together. Acknowledging this will open the door for opportunities far greater than you could have imagined. It is an attractive trait to be flexible enough to allow your ideas to change.

We all have an abundance of knowledge, but do we allow ourselves to evolve? Like a tree in nourishing soil, are we becoming enriched? Are we growing or just aging?

Here’s how you can know: Are you still approaching life the same way you were ten years ago? On today's podcast, we'll discuss evolving through life experiences and how to let those experiences refine you.

What you want in life is completely within your reach. You simply need to tune into your consciousness. If you want to work with me one on one to surrender to God’s plan for you, you know where to find me!

Have a beautiful week! Leanne Peterson