Hear What Others Have to Say


I've had the privilege of working side-by-side with Leanne in a professional capacity and am in constant awe of her compassion for her clients. Leanne carefully assesses each client she meets and then, using a variety of treatment modalities, develops a treatment plan that best fits the individual's needs.

- Caroline Diemar, MS, CCLS

Leanne has incredible energy and charisma and I believe that, without a doubt, she is making a huge difference in the world. She has the ability to remind each and every person she works with just how special and freakin' awesome they are!

- Sarah Russell

Leanne creates a warm and nurturing space where you feel safe to let go of what doesn't serve you in order to heal.

- Candice

Leanne brings so much of her vibrant personality into her work. She is warm and compassionate, as well as a careful listener. However, she is not a quiet, passive coach. She is quite active and honest, gently challenging you to consider other options and perspectives. She has the unique ability to help her clients move towards the change they seek while remaining accepting and nonjudgmental. She believes that each client has the capacity to heal themselves and she works as a facilitator in this process.

- Sarah Kupper