Soul Connect Mini Retreats

Take time out to tune in and connect inwards. Join us under the energy of the full moon for:


  • restorative yoga

  • hypnosis

  • crystal bowl sound bath

  • time to reflect


Soul Connect is about pausing to listen and allow yourself to receive the internal wisdom we have access to when we dive in. Just like the ocean tides are caused by the power of the moon, we also are impacted by the energy of the moon. A full moon offers us the opportunity to gain greater insight and clarity. Join us to infuse your life with a bit of magic. 

I just wanted to write and let you know how powerfully transformative your workshop was for me!  I was unsure about how much a few hour workshop could "unstick" me from my place of the business and personal "blahs".  Well, let me tell you that I haven't felt this energized in a very long time!  In one evening your very personalized, well-crafted, and deeply moving set of experiences has awakened a "Phoenix" within me and has set me on fire for creating the next phase of not only my business, but my personal passion as well.  Many thanks for helping me set my course toward inspiration and action!!! 




Stay tuned for our 2022 Mini-Retreat & Event Schedule