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Soul Connect VIP for Women


Tune In To Who You Truly Are

Ongoing support and in-person retreats to help you fall in love with life again

You Thought By Now You'd Have It All—Yet Something Is Clearly Missing

By the time you reached your late-twenties or early thirties, you thought you'd have it all figured out. And even if on the outside it looks like you do, deep down you feel a deep dissatisfaction for where you are in life.

Hustling in your career, making it yet another happy hour with surface-level friends, feeling alone in your relationship, being unable to find a strong connection in love or just feeling a general sense of "meh" throughout your day is a sign that something needs to change.

Or maybe balancing kids, your relationship, and work is leaving you feeling depleted.

You've Been Desperately Trying To Figure It Out On Your Own. It's Time To Let Your Inner Guidance System Take The Wheel & Get You Back On Track


Imagine a world where you 're home-free from the overwhelm of life and able to release all of the stress, anxiety and fear that has been weighing you down for so long. Where your relationships are full of love, oneness and appreciation. Where your career is doing everything you always wanted it to do while sitting squarely in a state of flow that allows you to live the kind of lifestyle you've always wanted.

These things are possible when you shut off from the noise of the world and tune in to the directions your internal compass is trying to give you.

Our Soul Connect VIP Program Can Help You Find Your Way


This program is an alternative to traditional therapy and self-helpery that infuses spirituality and psychology to help you identify what isn't working and discover what it is you need to feel truly satisfied.


What's Included

To provide the full-spectrum of support you'll need to make  your dream life a reality, the Soul Connect VIP program comes with the following support for your body, mind, soul, and connection.

There are two options depending on the level of support you need and desire.

Level 1:


Every week, you'll meet with Leanne virtually for a 60 minute soul activation group session

Monday nights from 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

(Sessions are recorded if you are unable to attend live)

  • Movement to get you centered in your body

  • A hypnosis session to help you go deep

  • A journaling prompt to get you thinking

  • And time to connect and discuss with others on the same path


Every month, you'll receive one in-depth hour long coaching call that includes a chance to talk to Leanne to discuss what is working, where you want to go deeper and what you can focus on to keep moving forward


Consider our retreats a rehab for the soul where you'll tune out the noise around you to listen and receive the guidance available within.

Click here to see retreat dates


They include:

  • Restorative yoga classes to reconnect to your body

  • Guided meditations with crystal bowl sound healing

  • Group discussions and alignment check-ins

  • Journaling and time to tune in

  • A chance to connect with others on the same journey

to build new connects and relationships



$595 per month

(Three month commitment required)

Level 2:

Includes all of level 1 plus:


An additional individual session per month (giving you two hour long individual sessions per month)

VIP DAY @ The Trellis Spa

This is our chance to dive into what is going on and what you would like to change

  • Conversation to get clear on where you are and where you are headed

  • A chance to tune in and gain clarity

  • A massage to get energy flowing and release physical blocks

Additional Retreat Day


Go even deeper at the quarterly retreats with more time and small group sessions

$1195 per month

(One year commitment required)

I Know What It's Like To Feel Stuck


Meet Your Guide: Leanne Peterson

In 2016, I was feeling stuck. My business was successful, I had friends and family I loved and my schedule was always jam-packed with "fun" things, but I didn’t feel satisfied or complete.

On a whim I attended a soul retreat in California. It was only a couple of days long, but the moment I signed up, I started receiving new information. It was as if committing to the retreat set a signal to God that I was ready to go deeper.


The guidance I received during that retreat changed my whole life—and I want to offer you the same opportunity to commit to your soul and tune into something bigger than yourself.

Ultimately, I want you to grow into all that you came here to be.

Stop pushing, forcing, and trying to change your life. It's when you rest that you receive the path to all that you want.


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