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When things go wrong and you feel burned out, overwhelmed, or stuck, you don’t just need a shoulder to cry on, you need a Gameplan.

You probably have some inefficiencies or deficiencies going on in your life (mental, emotional, or physical).... and congratulations, that means you're normal! I call this "drag." In my signature one-hour Gameplan sessions, I'm here to help you get clear on where your patterns are and identify the behaviors that will help you overcome the drag in your life. Once you have a Gameplan, you'll be amazed by how energized you feel and how much you can accomplish. 

With ten years of experience as a therapist and coach, I have distilled down a method that utilizes my strengths (strategic, maximizer, empathy, communication, positivity) to get you the results you want and the support you need. In the Gameplan Sessions I am your coach. 

​Faced with any given scenario, I can quickly spot the relevant patterns and issues.

We all know the saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Yet how many of us are navigating through life without one? I have felt the weight of trying to maintain my career, marriage, and kids without a plan, and I have experienced how good it feels to know what works for me and my family so that I can actually enjoy my life. Taking the time to figure it out and having a plan to move forward makes all the difference.

Get started with Coaching Today


First Gameplan Session 

$95 (virtual or in-person) 

Schedule your intro Gameplan session to see how the process works. This is a single session where we'll dig into my Gameplan method together and get some clarity and momentum going for you. No sales pitches, just some solid work. If you love it, we can make it a thing. If you don’t, I can help you find someone/something you love. 


Monthly Gameplan Sessions


This is where the breakthroughs happen. My Gameplan method is best experienced as a series, to keep the momentum going. You'll be amazed by how your life shifts when you know you have a meeting with me on the calendar! This is a 3-month minimum commitment and you will be charged on the first of each month.

Gameplan Sessions are not covered by insurance as they are coaching and not therapy. 

A note to anyone seeking help or support, feeling lost, stuck, anxious, or broken:

Anything you are feeling, whatever has brought you to this place, is not unusual or abnormal. Life is unpredictable, relationships are complex, and kids don’t come with a user manual! The truth is, we all need guidance and support. Despite what influencers’ perfectly curated Instagram feed would have you believe, it’s almost impossible to navigate today’s challenges alone. That being said, most of us don’t really know where to start. We can feel when things aren’t in alignment, but it’s really hard to get ourselves back on track. That’s where the game plan sessions come in. Imagine a business consultant, honest best friend, and life organizer (think marie kondo but for your internal life) getting together to give you a plan. A game plan.

A close friend called me one day in crisis. She wondered if she was clinically depressed. She felt so unhappy, so lost, and hopeless.

She had no idea where to start or how to fix it. Before she talked to me she had no idea what was going on. Was it her marriage or her kids that was depressing her? Was it just her brain betraying her? What she couldn’t see that I could was that her new job was causing this unhappiness. Without knowing, she protected the job because she felt her success as a business leader was tied to this job. She didn’t want to seem like a failure or like she couldn’t hang in this new position. As we were talking she was able to hear me and listen to herself. She was depressed because the situation was not in alignment for her. After our conversation, she understood the problem and implemented a plan. First, she tried to fix what was broken (always a good first step), but when that didn’t work, she found something that fit her better. What she found was more in alignment with what makes her happy vs. what she thought should make her happy. Hear the difference? So many of us are caught up in a fantasy version of ourselves that we fail to listen and care for the actual person we are IRL. She used what she had learned from that job to find something aligned, and everything shifted. She is now happy and satisfied. Sure work still can be hard and frustrating, but she no longer feels like she is broken. For so many of us, for so many of my clients, the problem isn’t as difficult as our thinking has made it. The solution is here and available. But we need a place.

“You are definitely the person I needed. I have tried so many people, and you give such great advice and the resources I need.”

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